The Sexy Vegan Cookbook

510XVmumhUL._SL125_  The Sexy Vegan Cookbook

– Brian Patton :

Have you been searching for a way to prove that vegan food can be just as delicious, hearty, and satisfying as the meaty meals that you are accustomed to? Then this book is for you. It covers the basics of cooking, from slicing vegetables to finding the right type of tofu to create scrumptious dishes without meat or dairy.

With more than 100 fail-proof recipes Brian covers everything from cocktails to amazing breakfast sandwiches, appetizers, nachos, pizza and plenty of salads, pasta and main dish choices.

ISBN 978-1-60868-045-0

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Dreaming the Soul Back Home

51O9ykUqpNL._SL125_   Dreaming the Soul Back Home

– Robert Moss:

Shamanic dream teacher Moss shows us how to become shamans of our own souls and healers in our own lives. In order to feel and be completely whole, we must find the means of soul recovery.

This book teaches us that our dreams give us maps which we can use to travel to the places where we can find and bring home our lost or stolen soul parts. He shows us how to recover our animal spirits and ride the windhorse of spirit to places of healing.

We can discover how to heal our ancestral wounds and open the way for cultural soul recovery.

ISBN 978-1-60868-058-0

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Rethinking Depression

51HOvqZNyNL._SL125_  Rethinking Depressio

– Eric Maisel

Real Help for Human Sadness – Beyond Labels and Pills. This book provides essential tools to address human despair. While it may provoke controversy, this may be one of the most perceptive and accessible guides to life fulfillment.

Maisel offers practical tools for taking as much control as possible of our thoughts, attitudes, moods, behaviours, and orientation toward life. “If you would like to try that strange, shining ideal – the authentic life… this is the program for doing so,” writes Dr. Maisel.

ISBN 978-1-60868-020-7

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The Misleading Mind

410TdQOZISL._SL125_The Misleading Mind

– Karuna Cayton:

Buddhism asserts that we each have the potential to free ourselves from the prison of our problems.
Practiced over 2600 years, the process involves working with, rather than against, our depression, anxiety and compulsions.

The lively exercises and inspiring real-world examples, can help us transform intractable problems and neutralize suffering by cultivating a radically liberating self-understanding.

ISBN 978-1-57731-942-9

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Creating Time

51YVzpRlWwL._SL125_  Creating Time – Marney K. Makridakis:

“If I only had more time,” seems to explain why we aren’t leading our most fulfilling lives.

This delightful book turns the concept of time upside down by presenting exciting new tools for viewing and better yet experiencing your time.

This book can lead you on a fascinating adventure in which you will imagine, and create with step-by-step introspective processes and ultimately provide you with an authentic sense of self.

ISBN 978-1-60868-111-2

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