Everyday Meditations

410Otc9OtTL._SL125_    Everyday Meditations

– Tobin Blake:

This lovely book is a quiet encouragement to the deep peace and healing that meditation brings.

Providing 100 days of inspiration, this book will help you make your mind an ally, undo restlessness and anxiety, build spiritual relationships, heal your body, overcome depression and help you find balance, meaning and life purpose.

ISBN 978-1-60868-060-3


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A Year of Writing Dangerously

51I0yNheyzL._SL125_  A Year of Writing Dangerously

– Barbara Abercrombie:

Funny and full of comfort, this book is a collection of anecdotes, lessons, quotes, and prompts essential to any writer. When you open this book you are in a house full of writers, each of whom wants to march you over to a corner to tell you something important about the writing life.

This book provides 365 days of inspiration and encouragement.

ISBN 978-1-60868-051-1

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Goodbye, Friend

51YTAcM1dHL._SL125_  Goodbye, Friend

  – Gary Kowalski:

  The loss of a beloved pet can be a painful, heart-wrenching experience.

In this book Gary takes you on a journey of healing, offering warmth and sound advice on how to cope with your loss. Filled with heart-warming stories and practical guidance this is a beautiful and comforting book for anyone grieving the loss of his pet.

ISBN 978-1-60868-086-3

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Celtic Dreamer

61JFYIvYNcL._SL125_Celtic Dreamer – Chris Conway

This is a relaxing collection meant to fall asleep by..or journey far away into the lands of your own imagination.
This album really is a story told through the sounds of a multitude of instruments.

Good stories bear repeating, and no doubt you’ll listen to this one more than once.


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Medicine for the Soul

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51ptDvkyYJL._SL125_ Medicine for the Soul – Ross Heaven:

This book is a complete study course in classical and cross-cultural shaminism, teaching the reader all they ever need to know about shamanism, shamanic healing, soul retrieval, spirit extraction, house cleansing, cleaning the energy body, working with the souls of the dead and much more.

Packed with practical exercises, this book delivers a simple straightforward style to make learning easier and more effective.

ISBN 978-1-78099-419-2

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